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67 sq. Ft. 'Feed and Bleed' membrane filtration system.

A complete filtration system originally developed for the non-distillation recovery of Flexo plate solvents but can be adapted for other applications.  Originally developed for a major flexo chemical manufacturer who later elected not to pursue the solvent recovery business, this is one of three prototypes built.  The other two have been in industrial service since 2009.

The system has four (4), 4" OD multi-tube, stainless steel 0.05 micron (Nom) membranes in series, for a total of 67 sq. ft. of membrane area.  Recirculation fluid is pumped with a 4" Blackmer, positive displacement pump, at 225 GPM, to maintain a crossflow velocity of 15 ft/sec, to minimize membrane fouling.  The Feed pump is a stainless steel Wanner D10.  Both pumps are controlled by variable frequency drives. The system includes a 4" stainless steel shell and tube heat exchanger, touch Screen HMI and an Allen-Bradley PLC.

The system uses 460 VAC power, 80 psi plant air and 70 degree F cooling water.

For more information or to see the system, contact Keith Lasley, MESCOM, LLC. 

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Picture shows system with optional tanks and optional chiller.